Nike: Better is Temporary

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At Nike, the desire to be the best is a journey, not a destination – better is always temporary.

This immersive visual survey offers an unprecedented, behind-the-scenes exploration into Nike’s ethos-driven design formula, placing industry-defining innovations and globally recognized products alongside previously unpublished designs, prototypes, insider stories, and more.

Beginning with „Breaking2,“ an introduction detailing Nike’s 2017 attempt to facilitate a sub-two-hour marathon, the book lays out in five thematic chapters Nike’s focus on performance, brand expression, collaboration, inclusive design, and sustainability.


Liko 2

The book’s extraordinary design also nods to its contents. The striking cover features overlapping silkscreened layers of Nike’s proprietary Volt yellow and Hyperpunch pink colors overlaying an image of world-champion marathoner Eliud Kipchoge printed in a half-tone dot pattern. The book’s spine, visible through the clear jacket, showcases a series of colored tabs that extend from its interior pages and which are referenced in the book’s bonus chapter, „Crafting Color.“

Combining 500 color illustrations with stories, insights, knowledge, passion, and history shared by Nike’s remarkable team, Nike: Better is Temporary will serve as a manual of innovation and inspiration for generations to come.

Savybės: Nike: Better is Temporary

Formatas 23 x 31 cm, kietas viršelis
Leidykla Phaidon
Puslapių sk. 320

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