SOSTYLE is an online style centre that offers an unlimited selection of style goods, personalised style consulting services, and free daily advice to clients and partners, all of whom we call “style seekers.”

The SOSTYLE platform was founded more than a decade ago by the style icon Agnė Jagelavičiūtė. 2018 SOSTYLE has been acquired by the editorial office of L’Officiel Lithuania magazine.



we will style you from bottom up to the sky

Irina Sinė

Irina Sine is one of the most famous Lithuanian stylists. One of the most influential personalities in the fashion world of our country. Many women learn the tricks of modern, exclusive style from Irina's Instagram account, which is filled with unique personal images that are trending now. Irina combines street and high fashion with great precision, knows exactly what to invest in and what is just a seasonal fashion trend.

Milda Savickienė

SOSTYLE brand manager and ambassador Milda has been working in the fashion and advertising industries for more than 15 years. She is fascinated by style and stylish lifestyle, so she pays attention not only to stylish clothing, but also to the interior, travel and leisure activities. Milda shares the most stylish discoveries and fashion news in her Instagram stories. “Style is a form of self-expression,” says Milda.

Marija Jakubkaitė

I have been working as a stylist for four years. After graduation, I was interested in everything, so after gaining experience with the most famous Lithuanian designers and fashion editors, I worked in the magazines “Panelė”, “Žmonės”, in various commercial and non-commercial photo sessions. A career leap I could name working in films and commercials where I worked as both an assistant and a major costume designer. Three serious film projects and countless commercials made me look at fashion more broadly, so I became interested in creating an individual image. I hired a personal stylist at the Ozas shopping mall, strengthened my knowledge, helped people discover their style, prepared for various celebrations or simply updated their wardrobe. The same returning customers prove that I do the job professionally and each of their great feedback encourages further improvement.

Roberta Čyžiūtė

Beauty has a strong impact on my well-being, so I strive to have it everywhere - in my environment, in the music I listen to, in my style and at work. My perception and sense of style is very broad and flexible. I admire all style directions, so my own style is very eclectic - I don't choose one, but I work with projects in different directions like fashion photo sessions and commercials. I don’t follow trends, but strive for longevity in style. My main tool is intuition, which helps me understand what is needed in a particular project and try to discover balance.

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